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Why I love teaching English (EFL) online

I work for a company in China teaching English to children three days a week from the comfort of my own home. I love this job for many reasons, some of which I have outlined below:

1. Regular students

I work with regular students each week – some even twice a week – and this is great as you get to know the students really well over time. You get to know their strengths and weakness, celebrate their achievements and get to know their likes and dislikes.

2. Regular hours

You get set hours with the company I work for, so this helps you plan your week. I know I will always be working during my contracted hours, so it makes planning the rest of my schedule much easier.

3. The time difference

The time difference between the UK and China means that whilst I tutor people in the UK during my evening, I don’t have much opportunity to tutor people here in the UK during the daytime. However, China’s evening is during the middle of our day, which means I can still be working during the day, and so I can work 11am-9pm most days.


4. Bonuses and supply teaching

The company I work for offer nice bonuses and allow you to pick up supply work (They call it “part-time hours”) so if you have a free day, you can get some extra work.


5. Courseware is provided

As all the courseware is provided, you don’t need to do much preparation. All you need is a variety of classroom props and a lot of enthusiasm. The lessons are varied, with grammar points built in, so you can make the most of the courseware with minimal preparation time. The app used for teaching also has a whiteboard, so you can play games virtually and there is a chat box with a translator tool to allow you to converse with your students in either English or Chinese.


6. Flexible to suit your lifestyle

Shifts are between up to three hours and ten minutes long (6pm-9.10pm Beijing time) and you decide how long you want to teach for and how many days per week you want to work. You can travel the world whilst you teach, as you only need a stable broadband internet connection to be able to carry out your job! It is great for those who have dreams of becoming a remote worker!

If you are interested in working online from home and want to teach Chinese kids English then click here to apply.