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2017-2018 Winners


Academic Year Winners of

BHTC Student of the Month


July 2018 – Perdy (Primary Maths and English)

Perdy is so hardworking and has been doing really well to be adaptable and check her work through!


June 2018 –  Ria (GCSE English)

Ria has been working consistently hard for several months now in her lessons and taking on-board my tips, particularly in terms of planning essays and creative writing and she is improved in leaps and bounds!


May 2018 – Milly (Primary Maths)

Milly has gone to great lengths to improve her maths and has tried creative methods to rethink any difficulties she has been having.


April 2018 – Charlotte (A-Level English and Media Studies)

Charlotte has come on in leaps and bounds in the past two months in both subjects and worked consistently to achieve a higher grade!


March 2018 –  Alyssia (Primary Maths and English)

Alyssia has worked so hard this month and really stretched herself. She always checks her work through and she attempts even the most difficult of questions!


February 2018 – Yamid (KS3 English)

Yamid’s creative writing skills really impressed me with the great detail he put into his short story and he is going from strength to strength through his hard work!


January 2018 – Sophie (GCSE English)

Sophie has been working hard over the past few months but this month she delighted me with her mature insights into unseen poetry from the GCSE (9-1) syllabus, despite not yet even being in Year 10!


December 2017 – Hailey (KS3 German)

Hailey is so dedicated and has been listening to every piece of advice given to increase her German knowledge at a tremendous rate!


November 2017 –  Seb (GCSE Dyslexia Support)

Seb worked really hard to pick up verbal reasoning skills and study skills after only beginning lessons this month.


October 2017 –  Max (A-Level German)

Max has worked really hard the last couple of months to strengthen his grammar knowledge and improve the accuracy and standard of his written work.


September 2017 – Nicola (Portuguese)

Nicola has really taken well to the language and been working hard to pick up lots of vocabulary.