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High Flyers: Exam Preparation Workshop

High Flyers: Exam Preparation Workshop

I have closely observed both the relationship between language, beliefs and actions in my coaching practice and the patterns of achievement being closely linked positive mindsets as a tutor, teacher and lecturer. This coaching programme, aimed at students in Years 10 to 13, will:

  • help students to understand how to prepare for exams.
  • help students to understand how to cope with exam stress and anxiety.
  • provide students with a tool kit of mindfulness and experience of group coaching.
  • teach students about language patterns and how they affect the way we think and perceive ourselves.
  • teach students how values, self-talk and self-confidence develop from a young. age and the impact these have on progress in school.
  • help students to build their confidence.
  • foster reflective behaviour patterns in them, so that they self-reflect on their progress.

This workshop only has a very limited number of places, so make sure to book well in advance.

Dates and times: February 2019 – dates tbc 

Location: tbc

Investment: £35.00 (3-hour workshop)

For enquiries or to book your place, please email: workshops@bexharper.com

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N.B. For the workshop to go ahead, there must be at least 4 people registered.