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General Data Protection Regulations

Due to changes in the way businesses are allowed to contact their clients and hold their information with the introduction of GDPR, you must consent to being contacted by email, Skype, and by phone or text message for the purposes of Bex Harper Tutoring & Coaching business dealings, including but not limited to: arranging your session times; re-contracting; as well as being informed of: Bex Harper Tutoring & Coaching business holidays, homework, your or your child’s progress, monthly student awards, and special offers or new services. Your personal information will be kept secure and you will only be contacted for business purposes. You have the right to inform me verbally or in writing, via email or text message, that you no longer wish to be contacted. I will only keep your contact information on file for business purposes and only for up to 12 months after your last session, if you discontinue using the service provided by Bex Harper Tutoring & Coaching.

“I agree to my personal information, such as: my full name, email address, phone number and/or postal address being held by Bex Harper Tutoring & Coachingand consent to being contacted by Bex Harper Tutoring & Coachingfor business purposes, including the examples cited above. I understand that I can withdraw consent in writing or verbally at any time.”

When you agree to have your first session, you will be given a form to sign to say you understand and consent to these GDPR terms and conditions.