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College Support Mentoring

With me as your College Support Mentor, I will help you to:
  • successfully organise your weekly study schedule
  • write well by proof-reading and giving you feedback (on your argument, structure, punctuation, grammar and spelling)
  • understand the curriculum requirements at college-level and plan a strategy to tackle these
  • construct a revision timetable to make the most of your study leave and free periods
  • write a UCAS application, job applications, CV writing, etc.
  • set goals that are achievable, measurable, and time-bound
  • use Southend Library
  • stay calm and learn strategies to cope with exam stress
  • stay motivated and on-track, with me as your accountability partner
  • reflect on and celebrate your achievements
  • understand what your aren’t achieving quickly, why and how you can change your approach
  • achieve your goals through coaching

To further discuss how I can help you, drop me an email or text to arrange a discovery call.