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Student of the Month


I have a student of the month competition amongst all my tutees to recognise excellent effort and outstanding progress. Well done to all the tutees below:

March 2020 – Emma (Primary English)

Despite the Covid-19 upheaval, Emma has been working so hard on her phonics and verbs. Her spelling has really improved and she can write much better. Amazing effort, Emma!


February 2020 – Richard & Jack (German)

Richard is working so hard and has shown amazing progress in the areas of the cases and also vocabulary.

Jack’s writing has improved so much this year and his grade has improved lots since starting tutoring!

Well done to both of you!


January 2020 – Myles (11+)

Myles has done so well at keeping up with the fast-paced 11+ programme. Great job, Myles!


December 2019 – Sophie (GCSE English)

Sophie has worked so hard this year on her English Language papers to improve her grade. Her hard work paid off in her mock exams. Well done for listening to my advice and applying all the tips I gave you, Sophie!


November 2019 –  Milly (KS2 maths and English)

Milly has shown amazing resilience and dedication to improving her maths. She has produced some fantastic creative writing pieces, well beyond her years, too. Excellent work, Milly!


October 2019 – Rachel (German A-Level)

Rachel takes away so much homework and completes it to such a high standard. She’s always looking for new revision techniques to improve!


September 2019 – Aya (KS3 English)

Aya has worked really hard at her creative and persuasive writing for the past 6 months and has produced some excellently pieces of work this past month. Well done Aya!


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