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Student of the Month


Last year I started a student of the month competition amongst all my tutees to recognise excellent effort and outstanding progress. Well done to all the tutees below:

July 2019 – Milly (KS2 Maths)

Milly has worked so hard over the past year and is dedicated to improving her maths knowledge! Excellent work, Milly!


June 2019 – Ella (KS3 English)

Ella has worked really hard at improving her persuasive writing. She is working hard to carefully construct compelling arguments to answer GCSE-style questions. Well done, Ella!


May 2019 – Ria (GCSE English)

Ria has gone to such great lengths to prepare for her GCSE English literature and language exams. She’s watched the recommended videos, completed practice questions and improved her grammar!


April 2019 – Max (A-Level German)

Max has come so far in terms of confidence and ability since he began tutoring 19 months ago. He has become a far more fluent speaker and his writing has improved so much!


March 2019 – Adam (GCSE English)

Adam (GCSE English) Adam has been working really hard and has presented me with some insightful readings of both fiction and non-fiction texts. Well done, Adam!


February 2019 – Lily (11+)

Since September, Lily has amazed me with her outstanding writing skills and her keen and dedicated approach to the 11+ maths paper. Well done!


January 2019 – Isaac (SATs)

For several months now, Isaac has been working so hard and he has really blown me away with his creative writing. Amazing work, Isaac!


December 2018 – Pixie (SATs) and Milly (11+)

This month, I was overwhelmed by how fabulous some of my students worked. So we have two winners!

Pixie has worked hard over the few month to improve at both maths and English, but particularly maths. Her confidence has grown tremendously!

Milly has been coming on in leaps and bounds since the summer and has put so much work into improving her maths. She is now a fractions queen!


November 2018 – Evan (KS3 English)

Evan has been working so hard and showing me his flair of creative writing. I’ve been so impressed.


October 2018 – Benjamin (11+)

Benjamin always tries his best. He not only finishes his work, but takes on extension work with a positive attitude! Well done and keep up the hard work!


September 2018 – J’den (11+)

J’den has worked hard over the past year to maintain his focus and has improved at both maths and English a great deal. Well done, J’den!


Academic Year 2017-2018 winners