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My students get designated weekly or fortnightly slots at regular times that suit you. I am based in two main locations: The Forum (Southend Library near Southend Central station) and The Tuition Pod (Holy Trinity Church hall in Southchurch). I also have ‘travel to you’ several slots but these inevitably get booked up extremely quickly. I am always almost fully-booked. Here are my current available ‘in person’ sessions:


  • Wednesday (fortnightly) 6:15:-7:00pm (45 minute session in Southend)
  • Friday (weekly) 3:50-4:50pm (online) or 3:45-4:45pm (in Southend)
  • Friday (fortnightly) 6:15-7:15pm (online or in Southend)


Sessions get booked up very fast, so email me as soon as you are sure that you are ready to book.

Please look at my online calendar if you are interested in online tutoring or coaching to find out current available times.

I also have a waiting list for these regular slots, so if none of the above are suitable, get in touch! These slots will become free at the end of June, after the exam period ends:

  • Tuesday (fortnightly) 6:45-7:45pm (online tutoring / coaching only, starting 3rd July)
  • Tuesday (weekly) 7:55-8:55pm (online tutoring / coaching only, starting 12th June)
  • Wednesday (fortnightly) 3.15:-4:15pm (tutoring in Southchurch, starting 27th June)
  • Wednesday (fortnightly) 4.15:-5:15pm (tutoring in Southend, starting 20th June)